Warrior for Truth is a project created with the vision of cutting through the nonsense and clutter of various topics to find the hard facts – the TRUTH that doesn’t depend on any person and doesn’t change regardless of our desires or views.

This project began as a result of concern – about the direction this country (USA) is heading, the moral values and principles of its people that are eroding, and (above all) the important need for TRUTH on all levels of humanity and government both now and for eternity. Our focus and purpose for this site is to approach each topic with a clean set of eyes, trying to see both sides of an argument and compare the subject matter to known raw facts. We believe, given the opportunity, the TRUTH will stand on its own and support its own position.

Please feel free to comment on any article but kindly be respectful of others and maintain a civil tongue (think “G” rated). We are open to disagreements so long as they are not accusatory or heated – you should, instead, be able to support your position and have an educated discussion of the topic at hand. Please be rational and at least try to understand another person’s viewpoint (whether you agree or not) before responding or replying to them.

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