The Essence of Truth

Truth is a remarkable thing.

It can validate or correct. It can cause happiness or result in a broken soul/heart. It can create unity among a group of individuals or divide those who accept versus reject it. It might be hated or loved. And it might be obvious and known by all or you might need to search and hunt in order to find it, regardless it is always there.

Truth seems to be one of those things in life that takes a position where some may never venture yet is respected by those who recognize it. It encourages openness with everyone it comes in contact with and doesn’t disappoint the one who embraces it.

There are many in this world who seem to think that there are two types of truth – one for you and one for me. Or there are others who believe truth is relative to the situation of the moment. Both of these are far from being accurate.

Truth is absolute. It does not bend to the notions of man nor does it twist with a bias thought. Truth is – quite simply – truth. It has no care or concern for another’s feelings, what liberty may be benefited or infringed, or whose life it will destroy or honor.

Truth in its purest and rawest form simply states what is true.