Clashing Views

In the one corner, we have the dominating heavyweight, while in the opposing corner the championed victor of times-past vying to reclaim his title once again….

Kickboxing is an extreme sport requiring intense preparation and focused attention of your opponent. Whoever wins the rounds and the match overall is the one who knew his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, prepared for the contest, and took advantage of strategic shots.

In our culture and society today, there are similarly two worldviews that are equally at such odds with each other. While people may be fighting about politics, racial injustices, discrimination, sanctity of life, definition of marriage, and the Middle-Eastern wars plaguing us, all of these issues are merely symptoms and expressions of a much larger battle that’s going on in our world today. While each of these topics is important, these things really boil down to two worldview differences that are starkly at odds with each other. Neither can co-exist happily with each other, and so clashing views and chaos continue between nations and between individuals and groups of people.

What are these worldviews, you ask?

Simply understood, they are….Evolution and Creation.

creation-vs-evolution-4On the one hand, the world began by chance and humans evolved into the dominate species on earth to make decisions as they see fit and developed their own equations of right and wrong. This worldview makes mankind the ultimate source of authority. Therefore, whatever we feel is right to do or whatever we agree we should do is right – in our own eyes. There really is no such thing as wrong unless we collectively deem it that way – and even then, our opinions and perspectives could change years later making what was once considered “wrong” now okay. In essence, “standards” in this worldview is a moving target that changes by the decisions of mankind, and whoever may have the greatest power or influence at that time.

On the other hand, the world began by the hand and voice of a great and wise Creator God who gave mankind rule over the world He designed and established. In this worldview, God is the author and the source of all authority. He is the One who established the standards of right and wrong, and our laws ought to be formed in line with His. Our lifestyles, behaviors, and decisions should be squarely structured in adherence to His statutes of right and wrong. In this worldview, our opinions are of little consideration as we accept His royal laws as our own. In this worldview model, “standards” are based on the laws and rules by a single source of authority – God – that does not change with the whims of mankind.

So which worldview is correct?

To answer this question, one must begin analyzing evidences about the beginnings of this earth. Scientists and professors are often cited as siding with Evolution as the method by which we gained our existence. But…did you know that not all scientists and professors believe this way and that they even have evidence to support Creation, evidence that may even be more convincing? The reality is that our world had to have come into existence in one of these ways, not both. Only one of these worldviews can be accurate – again, not both.

Why is that?

Well, the Bible clearly teaches that it was God who created the world in six 24-hour days and then rested on the seventh day. Evolution – whichever theory you choose – takes thousands to millions of years to progress through each phase. Some would argue that God created the world as we know it through the use of evolution, but that can neither be proven nor is compatible with the teachings of the Bible. Therefore, we are still left with only two contrasting possible methods by which the earth – all it contains and everything beyond it – developed into the life-sustaining environment it is today.

To prove or disprove one worldview or the other in a short article as this would not be possible. However, we will revisit these clashing views in future articles – and we must – because nearly every topic, law, moral principle, and personal decisions develop out of our belief system that finds its basis in one of these worldviews.

Which worldview do you believe is true and why?